2018 Club Championship

Please find the schedule for the 2018 Lincoln & District Runners club championship below. This remains provisional until all event dates (bar the XC) are confirmed. For 2018 we have introduced the following:

  • There is a separate male and female competition.
  • Trophies are awarded to participants who gain the most points over the race series.
  • The 15 best results are to count, from all events listed above (15 scores from 18 races)
  • The points are allocated as follows: 10 for the 1st club member to finish, 9 for the 2nd, down to 1 point for the 10th club member to finish each race.
  • Each participant must enter the races as a Lincoln and District Running Club member.
  • Points can only be awarded for races completed as a club member, and cannot be awarded retrospectively.
  • While every effort is made to accurately record results, it is up to the participant concerned to draw attention to the club championship coordinator regarding potential errors.
  • In the event of a race being cancelled, it may be replaced by another event at the co-coordinators \ committees discretion.
  • Spot Prizes to be awarded at selected events.
  • LWAC 5k series – All 4 events are now on the championship but only your fastest time counts. Only one round of points will be awarded.
  • Bonus points to be awarded to members finishing 3 or 4 LWAC races
  • Lincs League XC – 2 events will score on the championship. In addition, bonus points will be awarded to members finishing 3 or 4 XC races.
  • LDR Events Predictor Run & Skelly 6 – Club members that volunteer and have official roles to help run these events will be awarded club championship points in recognition.

2018 Races





3 Feb 2018

Rauceby Ripper


6 May 2018

Sleaford Half Marathon


18 May 2018

Skelly 6


12 May 2018

Cressbrook Crawl


22 May 2018

LWAC 5K Race 1


3 Jun 2018

Woodhall Spa 10K


21 Jun 2018

LDR Predictor Run


26 Jun 2018

LWAC 5K (Race 2)


1 Jul 2018

Lincoln 10K


17 Jul 2018

LWAC 5K (Race 3)


10 Aug 2018

Sleaford Summer 10K


17 Aug 2018

Normanby Hall Supermile


21 Aug 2018

LWAC 5K (Race 4)


2 Sep 2018

Newton Fraction Half Marathon


17 Sep 2018

Stannage Struggle


7 Oct 2018

Lincs League XC 1


18 Nov 2018

Lincs League XC 3



Members Points

The current top standings are shown below. Download the Spreadsheet at the bottom for a detailed breakdown.

Standings after round 16/17

Men Ladies
1 Dave Hunter 69pts 1 Diane Kirby 25pts
2 Jonathan Roberts 48pts 2 Leanne Warnes 24pts
3= Kaoru Shimada 44pts 3 Lois Tack 22pts
3= Andy Powell 44pts 4 Ros Treadwell 21pts
5 Nathan Addlesee 36pts 5= Louisa Dennett 20pts
6 Rob Sim 32pts 5= Jo Gibson 20pts
7 Chris Tomlinson 30pts 7= Donna Windard 19pts
8 Chris Sutton 29pts 7= Elinor Butterfield 19pts
9 John Nott 22pts 9 Katherine Wenham 18pts
10 Ian Bielby 19pts 10 Kristie Holroyd 15pts

Please click on the link below to download the full race points breakdown.
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