2018 Club Championship

Please find the schedule for the 2018 Lincoln & District Runners club championship below. This remains provisional until all event dates (bar the XC) are confirmed. For 2018 we have introduced the following:

  • There is a separate male and female competition.
  • Trophies are awarded to participants who gain the most points over the race series.
  • The 15 best results are to count, from all events listed above (15 scores from 18 races)
  • The points are allocated as follows: 10 for the 1st club member to finish, 9 for the 2nd, down to 1 point for the 10th club member to finish each race.
  • Each participant must enter the races as a Lincoln and District Running Club member.
  • Points can only be awarded for races completed as a club member, and cannot be awarded retrospectively.
  • While every effort is made to accurately record results, it is up to the participant concerned to draw attention to the club championship coordinator regarding potential errors.
  • In the event of a race being cancelled, it may be replaced by another event at the co-coordinators \ committees discretion.
  • Spot Prizes to be awarded at selected events.
  • LWAC 5k series – All 4 events are now on the championship but only your fastest time counts. Only one round of points will be awarded.
  • Bonus points to be awarded to members finishing 3 or 4 LWAC races
  • Lincs League XC – 2 events will score on the championship. In addition, bonus points will be awarded to members finishing 3 or 4 XC races.
  • LDR Events Predictor Run & Skelly 6 – Club members that volunteer and have official roles to help run these events will be awarded club championship points in recognition.

2018 Races





3 Feb 2018

Rauceby Ripper


6 May 2018

Sleaford Half Marathon


18 May 2018

Skelly 6


12 May 2018

Cressbrook Crawl


22 May 2018

LWAC 5K Race 1


3 Jun 2018

Woodhall Spa 10K


21 Jun 2018

LDR Predictor Run


26 Jun 2018

LWAC 5K (Race 2)


1 Jul 2018

Lincoln 10K


17 Jul 2018

LWAC 5K (Race 3)


10 Aug 2018

Sleaford Summer 10K


17 Aug 2018

Normanby Hall Supermile


21 Aug 2018

LWAC 5K (Race 4)


2 Sep 2018

Newton Fraction Half Marathon


17 Sep 2018

Stannage Struggle


7 Oct 2018

Lincs League XC 1


18 Nov 2018

Lincs League XC 3



Members Points

The final standings for 2018 are shown below. Congratulations to everyone who took part and who helped out at the various races. You can download the Spreadsheet at the bottom for a detailed breakdown for all the races and runners.

10 Ten Final Standings for 2018

Men Ladies
1 Dave Hunter 81pts 1 Kristie Holroyd 34pts
2 Andy Powell 52pts 2 Leanne Warnes 33pts
3 Jon Roberts 47pts 3 Lois Tack 32pts
4 Kaoru Shimada 44pts 4 Elinor Butterfield 28pts
5 Rob Sim 40pts 5 Diane Kirby 24pts
6 Nathan Addlesee 35pts 6 Ros Treadwell 21pts
7 Chris Sutton 32pts 7= Louisa Dennett 19pts
8 Chris Tomlinson 29pts 7= Jo Gibbon 19pts
9 Ian Bielby 25pts 9 Donna Windard 18pts
10 John Nott 22pts 10 Katherine Wenham 17pts

Please click on the link below to download the full race points breakdown.
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