LDR Club Awards

LDR hosts a yearly club awards evening, which is an opportunity to socialize with other club members, and also to hand out trophies and awards for individual running exploits during the year. Please see the details below for this years award winners and also some photographs of the evening.

Award Winners 2018
Award Recipient
LDR Superstar Jim Diamond
Cross Country Endeavour - Male Dave Hunter
Cross Country Endeavour - Female Leanne Warnes
Club Championship - Male
1st Dave Hunter
2nd Andy Powell
3rd  Jon Roberts
Club Championship - Female
1st Kristie Holroyd
2nd Leanne Warnes
3rd Lois Tack
Chairmans Cup Dan Farmer
Club XC
Senior Male Dave Hunter
Vet Male Russ Cottam
Senior Lady Leanne Warnes
Vet Lady Kristie Holroyd

Club Awards 2018 Photos
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Club Awards 2018

LDR Club Awards Night 2018

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